Tending Fire

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Tending Fire


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Poetic chapbook with corresponding visual art by Megan Perra

Letter press, hand-made dust-jacket, textured paper

Limited print run of 75 copies


Sample poem:

Leveret at Laughing Jaw

In conversation with Megan Perra’s “Leveret at Laughing Jaw

Mother made a nest in the dead
mouth of what almost killed her. She was resourceful

in that way, never wasted a sprig or a stone.
I was young, unsung, curled up

as the young often are. My sisters and I
planted a fringed tulip bulb in his eye

socket, long-since picked clean, and filled it
with loam. By spring, what sprouted had many fingers,

most of them accusing, some of them silent.
At night, my mind laid flat as a clearing and the hours

crept through like timid deer. When the moon
light hit them, their bodies twisted, turned

to half liquid, half smoke and suspended a few feet
above the earth—spiraling, morphing.

One night, one real night, I stood outside
my cabin and watched the aurora evolve and stretch

like taffy being spun. Foolish enough then
to think I knew her suffering or the type of woman

I would become—the damage my mouth,
in all its green, would wrought.

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